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    Quality, comprehension, understanding and communication are priorities to us in order for a professional delivery of your product.  Or, in our case we like to call your product,  ‘Your Story’.  We take the time to understand what you want developed and connect with you throughout the process to ensure your final story is being told ‘according to you’.



    We aren’t telling your story, YOU are telling your story through US. Whether you know exactly what you want your project to tell, show or do OR if you need guidance to figure out how exactly you want to portray what your project is, we can help. 7 years in the business has allowed us ample opportunities to work with many people on various projects and feel confident that we can assist you in shaping your story to have a broader, more impactful response from viewers.



    We consider empathizing with our clients or our clients’ story our #1 priority. For viewers to understand ‘the story’ we focus on the little things and capture the essence of what your story is about. For example, the sun setting or rising, the sweat dripping off an athlete’s forehead, the leaves blowing in the wind . . . these are all examples of adding SOUL to your story.


CONTACT ME       Tel: 507-382-2891

2149 Cascade Ave. Ste 106A

PMB 239

Hood River, OR 97031

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